This page ‘showcases’ my academic as well as ‘non’-academic publications.  This includes my masters dissertation, presentations at symposiums or conferences as well as academic journal articles and other relevant forms of publication.  I am relatively new to the world of academia, and I don’t really see myself as an academic, but then again, what does that mean?  I see myself as a scholar, someone that continuously learn, and want to learn.

I have not published much, but it’s a work in progress…

You are most welcome to read my work, and if you find it useful, then to kindly reference it.

You are also most welcome to comment on the publications, as constructive criticism, new ideas and different perspectives can assist in my learning.

I look forward to your feedback



Publications in chronological order:


Carmody, P. & Pretorius, N. (2007). “Animals as brand icons – arbitrary choice or smart strategic move?”. Available at: (Accessed on 23 January 2007)


Pretorius, N. (2008).  The ‘Written Self’: Writing And Storytelling as a Teaching and Learning Tool for Creative and Personal Development. The Journal of Independent Teaching and Learning. 3, 41-48.

DOWNLOAD FILE: The ‘written self’: Writing and storytelling as a teaching and learning tool for creative and personal development

Available at:


Pretorius, N (2011).  Onthaal Onthul.  Exhibition catalogue. Self published.

DOWNLOAD FILE: Onthaal Onthul Book_NPretorius2011


Presented at the Independent Institute of Education’s Celebrate Teaching and Learning 5th Annual Seminar, Durban, titled: “Playing in our sandpits and throwing our toys out: aligning learning spaces with curriculum design”.

DOWNLOAD FILE: Throwing our toys out NPretorius_Learning Spaces_CT&L2012FIN

Pretorius, N. (2012). My Journey of Awareness: A Study in Memory, Identity and Creative Development. Masters dissertation, available at: (Accessed 11 October 2013).

DOWNLOAD FILE: My Journey of Awareness: A Study in Memory, Identity and Creative Development


Pretorius. N. (2013). From Longing to Knowing: My journey of awareness in discovering and transforming the self through the use of objects, spaces and places. Paper presented at a Memory Studies Symposium, 18 September, at University of KwaZulu-Natal.

DOWNLOAD FILE: From longing to knowing