Onthaal Onthul: Opening 27 June 2011

by Naretha Pretorius

Onthaal Onthul, my solo exhibition that forms part of my masters, will open at artSPACE Durban.  Please join us on the night or else visit the gallery before it closes on 16 July 2011.

‘Onthaal’ refers to a social occasion where friends, acquaintances or a community gather, in many cases it is a celebration of something, or a festivity.  ‘Onthaal’ can also refer to a formal function or reception, an event guided by etiquette principles of how it should be conducted and  structured.  ‘Onthaal’ is to also welcome people.

‘Onthul’ is to reveal something, to point something out, to disclose or to expose something.  It can also mean to lay bare one’s heart.

Onthaal Onthul is a reception that the visitor has been invited to that will reveal the story behind the reception.  The reception a commemoration, celebration and a revelation.

Onthaal Onthul is based on my lived experience and perspective, and is influenced by family discussions especially between my mother and me.  The exhibition delivers commentary on the larger social picture, as well as my personal experiences and story.

You are hereby cordially invited to witness and experience my story.

As a taste of what to expect:

The Beautiful Facade Series.  Jesmonite casts on ceramic plates. 250×250

photographed by Lanel Janse van Vuuren