Jong Afrikaners (“Young Afrikaners”)

by Naretha Pretorius

Roelof Petrus van Wyk recently produced a series of full colour photographs commenting on contemporary Afrikaners.  I find his work beautiful, direct and honest and it speaks volumes of how the notion of Afrikaner has shifted in the past two decades.  A section from his blog describing his work:

A Constructed Documentary Project on the Young Afrikaner.

This project Documents the Reclamation of the Afrikaner Identity by the Young Afrikaner Individual. A Massive shift from a State Owned, and Sanctioned, National Identity during Apartheid, to a Self-determined, Narrative, Plural and Personal Identity, steeped in Culture – Language, Music and Visual Arts – has occurred during the last decade. This group finds itself wedged between an inherited Caucasian/ European-, and a new African Nationalist worldview. Weaving these two worldviews into a coherent social-, political- and cultural reality is an ongoing existential challenge.”

Visit his blog:

His work was recently exhibited at Victoria & Albert Museum:

(image sourced from:, accessed 27 April 2011)

To listen to Roelof’s comments on making the work, have a look at this video clip: