A few images that inspired the doily series…

by Naretha Pretorius

My aim with the doily series (refer to Doilies-Jesmonite Casts Category) is to use images from my collection of family photographs I gathered over the past few years.  By using only family photographs makes them seem more relevant and it keeps to the integrity of the image; it stays true to my memories and the context it refers to (conservative Afrikaner and Calvinistic upbringing).  It also makes it more challenging to find suitable images that will work with the theme of etiquette, it means that I have to investigate the photos with great detail to find a good composition that will work as a doily inner.  The benefit however of having to crop the images and use only sections, is that it allows for more than one image to come from one photograph.  Each image is in some way ‘posed’ and refers to an era’s aesthetics, fashion, sense of style and manners/mannerism.  It refers to the way we should (according to etiquette) conduct ourselves in public, or behave in a specific situation or at a social function.   Here are a few photos that inspired me…

standing with folded hands

standing hands folded with handbag

a lady and gentleman's feet

sitting ladylike

sitting very ladylike